Adventure Tours


Horse trekking to Terelj National Park & Gunjiin Sum Temple

Terelj National Park, Turtle Rock and Ariyabala Meditation Monastery and Gunjiin Sum Temple

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Hiking trip in the Pure Nature

Khugnu khan Mountain, Elsen Tasarhai, Erdenezuu Monastery, Tuvhun Monastery, Naiman Lake, Orkhon waterfall, Hustai National Park

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Visit and Live with nomad family

Terelj National Park, Turtle Rock and Ariyabala Meditation Monastery

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Motorcycle trip across the steppe

Bayangovi, Khar khorin, ErdeneZuu Monastery, Tsenher hot spring, Hustai National Park, Terelj National Park

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Eagle & Kazakh tour

Tsamba-Garav Mountain, Tolbo lake, Kazakh ethnic group

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Classic Tours


Gobi Desert trip

Flamming Cliffs, Yol Valley, Khongor sand dunes

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Descover the Ancient Mongolia & Buddhism

Kharkhorin, Erdenezuu Monastery, Tsenher hot spring, Lake Ugii, Uran Togoo, Amarbaysgalant Monastery

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Khuvsgul Lake tour

Khuvsgul Lake, “Tsaatan” reindeer herders

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Chinggis Khaan’s birth Land tour

Lake Khukh Nuur, Bereeven temple, Uglugch kherem, Deluun Boldog, Lake Gurvan Nuur, Khuduu Aral, Chinggis khaan Statue Complex, Terelj NP

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Train tour to World Energy Center

Khamar Monastery, Terelj National Park, Turtle Rock and Ariyabala Meditation Monastery

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Special Interest Tours


Butterfly & Flower tour in Terelj National Park

Explore butterflies, flowers and photo safari

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Photo safari tour

Bayanzag, Yol Valley, Gobi Gurvan Saihan Mountain, Khongor Sand Dunes, Ongi Monastery, Erdene Zuu Monastery, Khorgo-Tiny Extinct Volcano, Lake Terkh, Khuvsgul Lake, Uran Togoo Mountain, Amarbayasgalant Monastery.

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Bird watching tour

Ugii Lake, Tamir river, Terkh Lake, Tsenher Hot Spring, Erdenezuu Monastery, Orkhon river

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Taimen tour at Chuluut river & Ugii lake

Erdenezuu Monastery, Chuluut river, Ugii Lake

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Winter tours


Eagle Festival

Eagle festival, sightseeing

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Mongolie Festival Chameau Best Of

Camel Festival Tour

South Gobi, Camel festival, Terelj National Park

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Ice Festival Tour

Khuvsgul Lake, “Tsaatan” reindeer herders

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TsagaanSar /Lunar New Year/ Tour

Terelj National Park, Turtle Rock and Ariyabala Meditation Monastery, nomadic lifestyle.

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Optional Short Trips


City Tour

We will start city tour in Ulaanbaatar including Main Square Sukhbaatar Chinggis Khan’s monument and National History Museum. Visit to Gandan Monastery, the heart of Mongolian yellow head Buddhism. Shopping at cashmere and souvenir shops. After lunch visit to Winter Palace of Bogd Khan, built between 1893 and 1903.

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Horse Riding Tour

The area is a spectacular valley with high-eroded rock formations, pine covered mountains and grasslands carpeted with perennial wild-flowers and edelweiss. After lunch at the tourist camp, horse riding tour in Terelj area.

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Nomadic Family Hhome-Stay Tour

Stay in the local herder family. Explore the nomad’s lifestyle, how to milk male stocks, how to make dairy products etc. Enjoy a traditional Mongolian dinner. Overnight in ger

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National Holiday- Naadam Festival Tour

The Naadam Festival is held all over the country, normally between 11 and 13 July and it is inherited from ancient time. Naadam Gala dinner and a folk concert in the evening.

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Trekking tSo 13 th Century Tour

You can try to wear Mongolian traditional customs & emperor’s outfit, Archery and ride horse and camel. Lunch at the complex. Continuing the trip to Terelj National Park and free stops on way for see Golden whip Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex.

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